NYU Steinhardt Study Abroad Programs

One of our primary goals at NYU Steinhardt is to prepare you to lead and serve in a global society. As part of that goal, we are committed to supporting your cultural engagement with the international environment in which you live and learn.

To broaden your understanding of communication disorders, Speech@NYU provides students with the opportunity to study abroad in Lund, Sweden, and Accra, Ghana, to study communicative sciences and disorders from a cross-cultural perspective.

The study abroad programs are designed to correspond with the Speech@NYU curriculum, so you will continue to make academic progress toward your degree. By participating in one or both study abroad programs, you have the unique opportunity to:

  • Gain new perspectives on evidence-based concepts you have learned in classes.
  • Immerse yourself in a linguistically and culturally distinct setting.
  • Explore research from a global perspective.
  • Learn about clinical practice and access to services in a country with a different healthcare system.
  • Network with NYU Steinhardt’s community of students and faculty.

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Study in Sweden

Study in Ghana

Cost and Application Process

Study in Lund, Sweden, for Five Weeks

Students who opt into the Sweden study abroad program will spend five weeks during the summer term at Lund University to study communicative sciences and disorders from a cross-cultural perspective. Sweden is known for its cutting-edge approaches in speech-language pathology.

Lund University is one of Europe’s oldest universities, attracting expert neurologists, otolaryngologists, radiologists, linguists, and speech-language pathologists to its faculty. You will benefit from the diverse perspectives and expertise of these professionals while immersing yourself in an international education experience.

During the program, you will form connections with your peers while attending in-person classes, visiting local sites that specialize in speech-language research and practice, and interacting with experts in the field.

On-Site Learning

You may take a total of six credits while studying abroad. All classes are taken in person on the Lund University campus, and each course abroad meets for 7.5 hours weekly. You must attend all field trips to institutes, hospitals, and research centers, which may include:

  • Skåne University Hospital
  • The Centre for Languages and Literature at Lund University
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Tobii Tech in Stockholm

Upon your return, you may start Session II courses depending on your plan of study.

Classes offered during the five-week session rotate annually. Reach out to your academic advisor to find out which courses are offered during your session of interest.

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Study in Accra, Ghana, for 10 Days

This unique experience, in partnership with NYU Accra, combines online course work with intensive, faculty-led study abroad. Using Accra, Ghana as an example, this course explores how differences among individuals and cultures can affect interpersonal and group communication, as well as clinical practice.

During your 10-day experience in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, you will:

  • Visit schools, hospitals, and cultural sites.
  • Study with local guest lecturers.
  • Immerse yourself in the local West African culture.

Online and On-Site Learning

The Ghana study abroad program corresponds with the Multicultural Issues in Communicative Sciences and Disorders course (two credits), which is a required course in the Speech@NYU curriculum.

Students who opt into the Ghana study abroad program will begin the course in Accra during spring break and continue with the seven-week online course during Session II of the term.

The Multicultural Issues course, in conjunction with the study abroad program, is designed to expand your view of speech-language clinical practice by observing how services are interpreted and implemented outside of the United States. You will explore the following:

  • The impact of diversity, which may be defined differently in other societies
  • The expansion of cultural literacy
  • The implementation of culturally responsive practices

Cost and Application Process

In order to be eligible to participate in study abroad opportunities, students must be in good academic standing and may not be in the process of completing their practicum sequence.


Tuition, registration, and service fees are the same as traditional Speech@NYU course costs. Below are additional fees for studying abroad, based on 2019 fees:

  • Housing and activity fees (See costs for Sweden and costs for Ghana.)
  • International airfare
  • Books/academic materials
  • Personal meals (except for select group meals)

Steinhardt graduate students are automatically considered for financial aid based on the number of credits in which they are enrolled. Students can also apply for need-based scholarships through Global Affairs.

Application Process

Students interested in the study abroad programs must first indicate their interest to their academic advisor to allow enough time for their plans of study to be modified. Once students express a desire to enroll, they must attend a webinar before applying through Global Affairs according to study abroad application deadlines.

The Global Affairs Office can be reached directly at 212-992-9380 or via email at steinhardt.global@nyu.edu.

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